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Eagor,Hler. Sea god, husband of Ran and father of nine daughters, the waves. Called the ruler of the sea by Snorri.

He caused storms with his anger and the skalds said a ship went into "Aegir's wide jaws" when it wrecked.

Aegir was crowned with seaweed and always surrounded by nixies and mermaids while in his hall.
Usually described as being immensley old, with white hair and long clawed fingers. Aegir belongs to an earlier generation of gods which predates the Vanir and Aesir, of which little record survives. According to later legends, his father was Mistarblindi [Mist-Blind], and his brother, Logi [Fire]. Aegir's wife (and sister) was Ran; they lived under the sea by the island Hlesey.

Aegir was tricked into brewing ale for the gods after Thor brought him a giant cauldron from the giant Hymir. Every winter the gods would drink beer at Aegir's home. He was, therefore, famed for his hospitality.

A golden floor in his hall provided light instead of a fire, so gold is called "Aegir's Fire". The cups in Aegir's hall were always full, magically refilling themselves. Aegir had two servants in his hall, Fimafeng [Handy] and Eldir [Fire-Kindler]. According to Lee Hollander, Aegir's function as the gods' ale brewer was suggested by the ocean's foam.

After the death of Baldr, the gods gathered for a feast in Aegir's hall. Loki showed up and insulted everyone (this is told in Lokasenna in the Poetic Edda). The gods couldn't do Loki harm in the hall since it was a sanctuary where no violence could be committed.

Aegir was also referred to by the name of Gymir [the Blinder] (the name of Gerd's father -- it is not known if they are one and the same). Sailors feared Aegir, and thought he would sometimes surface to destroy ships. Early Saxons made human sacrifices to a god of the sea, possibly connected with Aegir.


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