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Also Heimdal, Heimdalr. The guardian of the gods. Watches the rainbow bridge Bifrost for the coming of the frost giants at the Ragnarok, at which time he will sound his horn Gjallar. At Ragnarok, he and Loki will kill each other. He never sleeps, can see for over a hundred miles, and can hear grass and sheep wool growing. His dwelling place is Himinbjorg [heavenly mountains]. Nine sisters [probably signifying the 9 wave daughters of Aegir and Ran] gave birth to him.

Heimdall went in disguise to Midgard as Rig. He stayed three nights with three different couples, one slave couple (Thrall), one freemen (Carl) couple, and one noble (Earl) couple. He slept between them in their beds and the women each gave birth to a child. This is the explanation of the three social classes of Norse society.

Saga and Heimdall at the Festival of the Trolls, 1999

In Uberheim, Heimdall is an Ascended God.  He is an accomplished fighter and politician.  He is currently part of the Alfather's Household.  His lady is Var.

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