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Also Lopt, sometimes Logi, associated with Lodur. Fire god, son of the giants Farbauti and Laufey. He was a mischief-maker, trickster, and shape-changer, and grew progressively more and more evil . The fact that his parents were giants may explain his tendency towards evil. He simply could not help playing tricks and exposng the gods to danger, although it was often his cunning that saved them as well.

When Thor's hammer was stolen by dwarves and passed into the hands of the giant Thrym, Loki concieved a plan to get it back. In return for Mjollnir (the hammer), Thrym wanted the hand of Freyja in marriage. Loki convinced Thor to dress up in a bridal gown with a heavy veil and go to Thrym. At the bridal feast the giant was shocked to see how much his bride ate and drank! But finally, the hammer was laid in "Freyja's" lap and Thor leapt up and slew all the giants.

In another story, Loki first delivers the goddess Idun into the hands of a giant, and then devises a way to rescue her and kill the giant.
After he contrived the death of Baldr, Loki was hunted down by the gods. He hid in a house on a mountain tops where he could see the gods coming. When he saw them approaching, he turned himself into a salmon and swam up a stream. He was finally caught because Odin could see all his actions. The gods bound him in a cave using the entrails of his son Narvi as rope, until Ragnarok when he will be freed to fight with the army of evil. At Ragnarok, Loki and Heimdall will slay each other.

Loki was married twice, first to the giant Angrboda, with whom he had Jorgumund, Hel, and Fenris, and then to Sigyn, with whom he had Narvi and Vali. In the cave, Sigyn faithfully sits by her husband and shields his eyes from the dripping venom of the Serpent.

See also Bragi

In Uberheim, Loki is an Ancient Ascended God, but he is rarely seen.  He composes music and lives up to his mischievous moniker.

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