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God of the wind and sea, father of Freyr and Freyja.  He is a member of the Vanir and his home is Noatun. He apparently had very sexy feet.

When Njord and his children were sent to live with the Aesir as a token of peace, his sister/wife Nerthus did not accompany them because the Aesir (hypocritically) disapproved of their incestuous marriage. 

His new wife was the frost giantess Skadi. The second marriage came about strangely and was not a success.   Here's the story: As compensation for the death of her father Thjatsi (see Idun), the gods decided to let Skadi pick a husband from among them.  The catch was that she had to pick him based only on the appearance of his feet! 

She picked Njord by mistake, assuming his handsome feet belonged to Baldr.  The trouble started when Njord and Skadi could not agree on where to live. Skadi lived in the mountains and was associated with skiing and hunting.  She didn't want to move into the sea, and he didn't want to live on a mountain.  They eventually split up.

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