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        The History of the Realm

        As some may or may not know the Creation of this Realm worked in stages:

        1994-1995 The LURK Era: (The Embryonic Stage)

        In these days it was Only Myself, Hagen, and Frey. The Land of Uberheim Proper was newly discovered and there were many Lurks and Excursions into the forest Deeps (The Origin of Ogg Forest took place in this Era). Here we forged the Lurk upon Revelry. Lands were explored and named according to local inspiration. Such Lands do still exist and endure with their original names (Names of Geographical regions can be found in the Uber-Dictionary).

        1995-1996 The "Siegfried" Film Project Era (The Birth):

        This Era Brought together most of the Forefathers of the realm. The Concept here was to Bring together people to act the parts of Various Characters and Personas of Wagner’s "Ring of the Nibelungs" to perform a Rock Opera Rendition of "The Ring Opera" (which I still want to complete). I had conceived a plot working with several Renditions of the story and held recruitment rallies in Heckscher State Park. Although I managed to gather some of the Sturdiest Lurkers that exist in this realm today, I fell short of gathering the total number of characters needed to successfully pull of many of the major scenes. Funding was running low, so I had to Abandon the Project (temporarily). The Problem was, now we had a Handful of The Sturdy whom did not want to call it Quits per say. So we toyed the concept of building a realm using our characters from the Film Project and using the general Plot of the Film as our Aesthetic! We gathered forth from there to weekly meetings upon this and tried to shape a realm out of this mess!

        1996-1997 The UberRoom Era (Infancy Stage):

        Oh my, the UberRoom era! Here brought in a few more of our now Sturdy. All the rest of the Film Project Unsturdy had fizzled off and away. The Realm was but a piece of clay being molded by weekly Insane Council meetings. No Kingdom or events (Except for Hagen's Challenge) existed, there was NO Populous only Endless Grief! The UberRoom is the Garage room of my House, which turned into a battle zone. The Lights would shut off and we would lob handfuls of Lightbrite pegs and Books at each other’s heads! Smoke bombs would be lit in the room, Fires, 3 1/4-inch brass Nuts would be whipped at people’s faces! Anarchy in its prime! And from this we managed to lay the preliminary tracks for some semblance of a realm.

        May 1st 1997 ~ The Kingdom was named "Uberheim" and from the Sturdy Forefathers that were in the early stages from day one gathered together to Choose and Crown Siegfried as King (although the High Council still made all the decisions). There was a Solemn March in which the White Owl of Uberheim Swooped low to signify his Approval and from this Night birthed the Kingdom of Uberheim! From here events began to take shape slowly.

        1998-1999 The Growth of the Realm (toddler stage):

        There was a period of Uncertainty but the realm managed to pull itself together. Events are improving, Membership is increasing, and the Realm has once again become a Monarchy. The Subculuralism is beginning to show signs of solidification & an established Order is on the Horizon. As for the Future of the Realm?? As for New Eras?? All yet to be determined by the passage of time! The Kingdom is still extremely Young and only beginning to contemplate walking upon its own. The potential however is limitless and bringing potentials to realities brings great joy in my rule as King.

        King Sir Siegfried Sigvaldsen of The Glorious Kingdom of Uberheim 

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