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When I was about 11 years old, I was down by the Rhine (Sagtikos Lake) just lurking about. Over the calm waters I could see a few Geese and a large Swan at the center of the lake. There were a few fishermen as well; taking casts for the small mouth bass. 

Suddenly, I descried some type of commotion in the water. The Swan was making a lot of noise and Flapping its wings wildly. I saw the Swan disappear below the waves. The old Fisherman next to me saw the stunned look on my face and said "Oh that’s Ol'Lockjaw. He's at it again," as he casually cast out his line again. "Ol' Lockjaw?" I asked the old man, and he said, "Yeah, the Biggest, Oldest, and Meanest Snapping Turtle in the Lake. He's at least as big as one of them Islands." 

There are Islands in this lake and they are pretty damn big but at that time I did believe him as I had just seen proof for myself! The Swan that was Pulled beneath the waves (probably yanked by the Feet in the Jaws of this Uber-Terrapin terror) was a Huge Swan, the type that really could intimidate someone if it wanted to. 

The whole incident took place about 50 Feet from the Metal rail by the Well of Mimir. Although it is many years later, every time I dive into the Rhine, Lockjaw always assures a special Hesitation. As I dive into Pitch Black waters after the witching hour has long past, you can be rest assured I have no intention of serving as Lockjaw’s next meal! 

By all intents and Purposes this Story is a True Account, and Lockjaw still Lurks as Uberheim’s (A Little more than) Legendary Terrapin Terror.

King Sir Siegfried Sigvaldsen of the Glorious Kingdom of Uberheim

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