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The central Symbol in the Norse Mythos is the World Ash tree Yggdrasil. In Uberheim stands a great tree who's Symbolism stands with surprising similarity to the Norse myths. The Embodiment of the World tree in Uberheim is a mighty Tree, which has stood through the tests of time upon the fields adjacent to the Rhine. The tree was 1st Discovered by Hagen & Myself back in the Pre-Uberheim era. We have come across this large Dead American Chestnut tree which died in our estimation sometime during the 1950s. When Hagen & I encountered this tree there was a Spear imbedded deep within its trunk. It took us about an hour to dig through the trunk to free the spear, which turned out to be a long shaft of metal. This probably was a Piece of Farming equipment that was hefted into the trunk affixed to a pole, sometime in the 1800s. This Talisman now rests beneath the waters of the Rhine sealed in watery serenity.

From that point on, when Uberheim proper was the Insertion point for our Lurks, Yggdrasil always represented the furthest reaches of the Eastern realm. A March to Yggdrasil from Uberheim proper usually took over a half hour to reach. When we finally reached it, we would then rest and revel beneath the branches. After many a pilgrimage to this Uber-Mecca we named it "Yggdrasil", equivalent in symbology to the Norse Mythos Tree. In future visits, Drink and Song were offered to it, and Candles were brought and lit; Invocations to the Norse Gods were conducted here. Yggdrasil in one story was a mightily tree which was killed when Wotan broke off one of it's branches to fashion his Spear "Gunginir". Wotan then left his Spear and Runes to sit for nine days beneath Yggdrasil to gain new wisdom. Interestingly enough, Uberheim's Yggdrasil was discovered Dead and with a Spear Shaft imbedded in it's trunk!

In the Film Project, the Norns were assembled here weaving their rope of Runes. Yggdrasil is the Highest and most revered Symbol within the realm. Behind the great tree Flows the Rhine River (Sagtikos lake). In Norse Mythos the Rhine Flowed adjacent to this tree as did the Spring of Mimir.

Uberheim was in its greatest peril in the Winter of 1997 when we believed that the Realm had lost the Spirit. This Era saw the Influx of Herbheim. Herbheim was the recruitment of a large contingent of Mundanes into Uberheim whom held no Knowledge, Ideology, nor Desire to earn the Spirit. Herbheim was a bad Judgment with intentions to Bolster the Ranks of the realm, but instead it filled Uberheim’s Noble Blue Blooded heart with Blackened Poison and Non-Spirited malefactors. The Battle of Uberheim was fought that winter as well, in which the proprietors of Uberheim fought Fiercely and Wild Spirited and Routed a large and Numerically superior contingent of Herbs from the forest. One month later Myself and Hagen marched to Yggdrasil with the intention of Felling it into the Rhine. Hagen and I with axes Chopped and Chopped deep into the night in bitter cold. A small section of the Great tree fell, symbolizing the dusk of an era. I was away in the forest as Thor and Dankwert arrived. All I could hear was a nerve shattering, dry splintering of wood ringing in the cold night air! Half of the great tree had fallen, symbolizing the end of the Old Era (And little did we think the birth of the new!). The Next night Myself, Hagen, Frey, and Hella set the great tree Aflame with a great quantity of Liquids! A Hellish flame burst forth into the center of Yggdrasil's trunk licking high into the brutal north winds! The flames roared from the am hours till afternoon until they smoldered in defeat.

Yet the Great Tree Stands..... Stalwart unbending strong... We had failed to invoke "Gotterdammerung" and from this Defiance; Yggdrasil bore us a new Strength to Re-forge the realm with Steadfast conviction. As with Ragnarok, from every Death comes a Rebirth. The strength of the Great Tree inspired the Eternals to unite and stand with "Isengeist", to restore the realm anew. The Highest of Ceremonies and Invocations take place here, as this is the Rallying point of the Realm. Sumbels are held beneath its Limbs, Glory has turned its roots to Iron! Highest honors are paid to Yggdrasil as a symbol of Unity. And if one day this great tree falls by its own means, we shall Splinter and carry forth its remains to be preserved as Talisman's and Immolated in a Great Pyre. From there where the Great Tree once stood, a Norwegian Ash shall be Planted to complete this great cycle. It will be bedded in the ashes of the Great Tree "Yggdrasil"

King Sir Siegfried Sigvaldsen of The Glorious Kingdom of Uberheim

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