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Thor's Challenge of Champions (part 1)

July 20-21, 2001, at Vigard and Jotunheim

Thor's Challenge III got off to a somewhat inauspicious start due to the sudden loss of the event site.  Rapid changes in plan were made on Friday night, and a mostly successful attempt was made to contact everyone in order to prevent mix ups.  

The Challenge began on Friday night  with the Uberheim Classic, held at Castle Golf in Centereach.  Princess Sif thoroughly trounced all comers and easily won the mini-golf tournament.  Later that evening at Mugg's Tavern, Sir Rudiger, Sheriff of Uberheim, demonstrated his might by winning the Arm Wrestling competition.  In the final round of competition that evening, the giant Fasolt proved his worth by winning the Archery Darts competition.

The next day, the Kingdom of Uberheim assembled at Vigard for the next part of the Challenge.  At opening court, the populace was stunned and saddened to hear of the death of our ArchMage StellerexA Green warrior accompanied Morgaine back to Uberheim, and made himself known to us as Colbeth.  We shall all miss our Archmage and continue to mourn his untimely death.

Also in opening court, both the Legion and Diesgralsritter took on new members.  Grand Duke Sir Hagen and his Household were proud to admit Owen into their ranks.  Grand Duchess Skuld, Urd, Priestess of Saga, and Owen also presented the fruits of their newly-learned craft to the court.  They created etched and painted glass mugs to the King, Queen and Sir Hagen.

After court, the fighting competitions began.  A ranking tourney was held, marshaled by Sir Rudiger, and won by Prince Sir Thor. The Spirit of Uberheim Tourney was next that was marshaled by Thor.  Among the fighters competing were Beowulf, Mime, Sir Fafnir, Sir Rudiger, Grok, Lord Nidhogg,  Alberich and Uller

Grand Duchess Skuld conducted an impromptu sewing machine repair class in the gazebo.  Her recently acquired hand-crank sewing machine was misbehaving.  Priestess Urd, Brok and Skuld puzzled over the machine for sometime to learn its inner workings, and finally got it to sew a fine seam!  Skuld also came to Saga's rescue by demonstrating how to salvage a chemise Saga had royally screwed up! 

Odin meanwhile drummed up support for his new household Valhalla.  Lady Var and the Dark Fairy were seen in discussion with the Allfather in the gazebo.

Among the other amusements provided were an Art Competition, Herald's Point, complete with markers and official COA forms, and a chess table.  Prince Sir Thor and Princess Sif also provided a day board of meats and cheeses and various beverages. 

The day waned into evening and most began to make their way to Sir Fafnir's abode for the feast and Closing Court.  The feast was a catered affair from the Ground Round and cost $12 per person.  This Author did not partake, but heard no complaints from those who did.

As the night lengthened, those gathered at Fafnir's began to wonder why court had not yet begun.  The King and Senate were involved in some deep discussion and weren't telling.  Goddess Syn took it upon herself to entertain the waiting crowd with several bawdy songs and skits.  After awhile, however, the people wanted to get things started.  Their Graces Hagen and Skuld left because both had early appointments in the morning.  The crowd began to chant, "COURT COURT COURT!", which finally seemed to make some impression upon the closeted Senate, and court soon began.

There was much business before the Court of Siegfried and Rossweisse this night.  Alberich made an impassioned plea to the populace to return honor to the List Field.  It was announced that Melanie the Trollope won both the Art Competition and the Dragon Steak Cook-off.   Odin took 3 members into his Household of Valhalla: Heimdall, Lady Var, and the Dark Fairy.  The Legion of Thunder took Colbeth and Morgaine as new members, and, having exceeded 20 in membership, was granted a Barony.  Thor chose Uller to wear the Baron's crown.  They presented a gift to Sir Thor, which This Author could not see because of the great cloud of purple and black!  Mime was given the Golden Sword for winning the eponymous tourney and granted the honor of guarding the court.  Beowulf was granted the Shield of Chivalry for his honorable behavior in questioning the original results of that self same Golden Sword tourney,  which had erroneously proclaimed him victor.  The Spirit of Uberheim tournament was won by the giant Grokk, and Mime passed on the Tabard to him.  Mime was then inducted into the Spirit of Uberheim and given a favor.  The Goddess Syn was also inducted, and given a favor as well.  She, in turn, passed on the Spirit baldric to the newest honoree, Queen RossweisseMarlineus Vermithrax called Saga into court and presented her with the "Ranger Marlineus Junior Dragon Fire Starter Merit Badge"  for her aid to House Drachenswald during camping.  Did I get everything?  I think so... let me know if something's missing!

Prince Sir Thor also announced that the those activities which had been cancelled today due to the site change would be held at the second part of the event.  The continuation of Thor's Challenge III was tentatively scheduled for 2 weeks from that night.

Notes, Quotes and Gossip from this event