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To all in the Long Island region Kingdom,
Here is the plan so far as I am told, this is only a preliminary...more will follow.

The Grand Duchy of Cronallis openly invites the Homeland members of Uberheim to our Glorious New Year Event on the weekend of August 18th, 2001

We will have the event at a campground in upstate NY, in a location to be announced.  Uberheim will be coordinating a caravan of vehicles so no one will get lost.  The trip will be 4 to 6 hours each way, but well worth it. 

There will be a feast, tournaments, games and camping.

12noon- Opening court
Introduction of Nobles and Autocrats
Introduction of tournaments

12:30- Bridge Battle (heavy boffer)

1pm- Order of the Golden Rapier (Fencing)

1:30 Field skirmish (Dagondge oriented, more later)

2pm Challenge Tourney (perhaps wheel of doom?)

2:30 First Repast (Lunch)- details TBA

3:30 Mini Caber Toss

4pm Green Gauntlet Casting Rings

4:30 Jesters Revenge ( Doing stupid things for laughs and an award )

5pm Big Rock Throw- Test your strength in this period game.

5:30 Perhaps a Javelin competition if there is time

6pm Closing Court: Business TBA

6:30 Feast: Speak to (I will speak to Duchess Jastin Morgan about prices for meal plan and get back to all of you)

7pm Bards Competition- bring poetry, song, or stories.

At sunset there will be general merriment and foolery (End of the day afterlurk, revelry and camping)

This is the general layout, a tentative schedule, I will have final shortly as well as directions and more details.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Sir Rudiger at

Grand Duke Artimus Valcore of Cronallis,
a member state in the
Glorious Kingdom of Uberheim