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The Journey to Cronallis, By King Siegfried of Uberheim

Uberites Present:

King Siegfried
Queen Rossweisse
Prince Thor
Princess Sif
Grand Earle Rudiger
Grand Earless Syn

Cronallis members present:

Archduke Artemis
Archduchess Gabriella
Earle Forge
Michael Hunter
Duchess Jastin
And several other Cronallis lurkers whom I am not quite sure of names.

A dozen Uberites descended upon the field of the Frosty Acres campground to meet our Cronallian brothers & sisters at a halfway point just outside Albany NY.

The fighting & fencing throughout the day was intense and reflective of everyone's high spirits!. Thor was victorious in the challenge wheel of doom. Magni whom has recently returned to the Realm from the southlands made a very impressive return to the field. Artemis & Rudiger fenced, Rudiger fought quite well for is first fencing experience. The other fighters fought very well and honorably.

An eager crowd of area campers set up chairs and gathered to observe the combat of the day.

The banners flew proud and the tents & pavilions aligned along the hillside of the generous expanse of our campsite.

Duchess Jastin toiled happily fixing a very wholesome "stone stew" using iron cauldrons over a bonfire, as Brokk assisted in the kitchenary endeavors.

The feast was of Uber proportions and very wholesome, The stone stew in a bread bowl was delightful. Honey butter of course lurked, as did an exquisite Estonian apple/cinnamon beverage!.
The roasted ham was tender & savory and accented the flame cooked potatoes aptly.
Many fruits & delights awaited for dessert but we were all far too satiated by the dinner feast!

A firewood and grail run ensued after the feast at around sunset. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that "grail" is perfectly legal at this campsite!!

Court began at about 10pm, Amidst several items of business including a very interesting gift from the Order of the Stone to Artemis, the court went very well. Artemis was called into court and crowned with the Uberheim title of Archduke, in turn he was given the Archduchess crown to place upon his ladies head. Duchess Jastin whom autocratted the "New Year" event was gifted with flowers from the Legion and also received her award of the Iron Rose for her victory in the tourney at the birthday event.

After court was closed, we prepared for a Sumbel circle of which 15 lurkers participated. The first round was toasted to the Gods and the second round to Heroes. From there the circle was opened and serious and light hearted toasts abounded. Fueled by several double-double packs the Drinkhorn passed many hands and lips until 4am!. The ranks of the circle ebbed as sturdy ogles sent lurkers off in unsteady gait to their pavilions!.
Michael Hunter of House Hunter of Cronallis whipped up a maelstrom of laughter repeatedly with some very amusing antics.

When morning arrived, The smell of eggs and Shemhamforash was in the air!.
Jastin & Reginleif using the Brokk stoves were cooking Bacon, Eggs, Spam, & Pancakes for the camp.

Cleanup ensued after all were satiated then onto the Caber toss for distance, the log toss for style, and the rock toss for distance. Thor won both the Caber & Rock toss, but Duchess Jastin had all beat with her Human Trebuchet technique at the log toss.

At 2pm the campsite was broken down and all began the journey back to the homelands, a very memorable event indeed.