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In an effort to further the great expanse of this mighty Realm, the Legion of Thunder has lain siege to foreign lands that aim to compromise our very existence.  First, we sent Legionnaires to topple Greece.  Then, we marched troops to the Kingdom of Phrygia in Asia Minor and successfully waged war against the Mighty King Midas. With our lust for conquest unquenched, we then mobilized up north to the Kingdom of Conquest, a Pax Imperium realm, only to lay claim to a deserted wasteland.  What was to come would prove to be our greatest campaign...... 

With weapons in hand and the spirit in our hearts we turned to our long standing Eastern enemy: The Dynasty of Ming Yung!  Mighty battles were fought between Roman armored Legionnaires and sword swinging samurai, but when the smoke of the smoldering fires cleared, it was the Giant Banner bearing the colors of Black and Purple that remained vigilant, waiving proudly in the morning light of the rising sun. With the implementation of numerous Legion Commandries to insure the safety of any and all Uberites who wish to travel to this newly conquered land, we are now able to engage in Revelry suitable for a successfully conquering realm such as The Mighty Kingdom of Uberheim. With all of that shemhamforash babble behind us...... 

Unto all subjects of Uberheim, do I, Prince Sir Thor, hereby invite you all to travel to the lands of the fallen Dynasty for a day of celebration and feasting.  Those who call these lands home have welcomed our arrival as we have toppled their oppressive leadership, and are prepared to engage us in a variety of activities and edible delectables that are very unique to their culture, such as follows.... 


DAYSITE: Lakeland County Park (Vigard) 


12:00....Green Dragon Tourney (Ranking Tourney, 1/2 hour bearpit) 

12:30....Opening Court 1:00......Samurai Tourney (2 handed Samurai Sword Bearpit, weapons will be provided, hit point format, both hands MUST remain on the fencing!) 

2:00......Banzai Tourney (Same as a Ragnarok tourney with a few twists!) 

3:00......Sumo Wrestling!!! (I was gonna rent padded Sumo body costumes, but they were uberexpensive, so we will do without them, it will be like Norse Wrestling, just using Sumo customs and rules...BYO white cloth G Strings!). 

4:30....Breakdown and Clean up 

NITESITE: Ming Yung Buffet Restaurant 


8:00....Closing Court 


AFTERLURK: Movie Theater (near Mime) ~

10:00....Viewing of "Black Knight" 


1) During the day we will be having a Chinese Checkers Competition 

2) We will be having a Fortune Cookie Raffle.  Cost is $1 per Cookie. Winning Cookie will get the cash.  Cookies will be opened during the feast to reveal winner.  Other prizes may be winnable. 

3) Wearing of Asian garb is highly suggested, but not required.  Karate robes and Oriental cocktail dresses medievalized with the usual belts, boots, sweats, etc. are some ideas.

4) ART COMPETITION:  During the day we will make available art supplies so all who wish can make a submission.  Pictures may be done at home and brought to the event (no computer art).  The theme...."King Siegfried, Prince Thor, and Grand Duke Hagen fighting for possession of a Lobster".

DIRECTIONS: If any need directions to either to the park or the restaurant, please contact the King.

DISCLAIMER:  It is fairly obvious that in creating this event I have completely butchered the entire Asian culture.  My intent is to entertain, not to offend.  'Nuff said! We Look forward to seeing you all in this celebration of yet another grand victory!!!

IN SERVICE TO THE SPIRIT, Prince Sir Thor............autocrat Princess Mistress Sif...asst. autocrat