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It is with heavy heart that we, Prince Master Master Sir Thor and
Princess Mistress Sif, as of December 8, 2001 at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, do
hereby tender our resignations as members of the Kingdom of Uberheim,
including all titles, awards, and bestowments rightfully attributed.

By no means of either pressure or force have I also received authority
to tender the resignation of the Legion of Thunder, including:

Morgain le Fay,

Sepheroth the Godsmacker,

Jarlaxle the Rookie,





Vedras the Skull Merchant,



Grond the Red,

Svala (and Skoll and Demonicus),

Modi (and Furi),

Drakus the Fire Demon,

Sadok von Jentch, and

Dave the Unnamed.

Mime and Randgrith have, as per Wednesday's Senate meeting, have already
been spoken for.

I have also been charged to inform you that the following subjects will
also be leaving the realm, although you may received seperate
communications regarding their intent:





Many will falsely speak of this as a pre planned strike against the
realm, that we forced the wheels in motion by having Modi talk with
Dankwert, Mime to confront Dankwert, etc. If you choose to believe
this, so be it, for it would have to be considered the work of a
mastermind: setting off Danks, forcing the King to decide on his fate
knowing full well that he has not the fortitude to Herb him, having
Jerry and Lani put forth an "ultimatum" that they will leave if Danks
stays, forcing the King to suspend his decision for weeks so the Queen
could chum up with Jerry and Lani to soften their "threats", finally
relying on the King to once again maintain the instability of this realm
by not ridding it of Dankwert, tending the resignation on behalf of
Jerry and Lani, having the Mother of All Legion Meetings to "Rally" the
troops, to finally sending you this email thus pulling the above listed
subjects out of the realm, leaving you without a preevent lurkable bar,
without a campground, without aesthetics and the means to create such,
without the realms premier seamstress thus putting you in a position of
having to rely on those who do crap work that takes a year to
accomplish, without a website, without approximately Six Hundred dollars
in yearly dues, and most importantly, without about half the realm who
collectively exhibit most of what the realm once considered it's
"Spirit". Go ahead and wax over all that is killing this realm by
claiming it was the work of a man with delusions of Kinghood, just don't
be surprised by the next mass departure.

Their are a variety of reasons why those listed above are leaving. Some
for the consistent selfish, self centered behavior of those around them,
some for the lack of the King and Queen to put forth an image of
Rightful Nobility as due their station (the Kings behavior up at
Cronallis and at Ming Yung with those stink bags has people
infuriated...sending kids into the restaurant to set off those bags to
disrupt a commercial establishment...couldn't that be viewed as
'contributing to the delinquency of a minor'? and the Queen with her
consist choice to not involve herself in royal court and to shamefully
display her "authority" by making Mime, our newest Knight, do pushups in
a parking lot and making the Prince kiss her boots in the presence of
several people including royalty from the Pax Imperium...try that on
YOUR champion Hagen...let's see if will step and fetch as we once
embarrassingly did), some for the fact that the King has recently
welcomed the return of a former member of His Majesties preUberheim
wanna be paramilitary street gang, which the last time the King tried
this it almost tore apart the realm, some for certain mundane Lurks
perpetrated by His Majesty during the existence of Uberheim and either
their moral or professional inability to be associated with him, some for
their loyalty to Jerry and Lani, some for their Loyalty to the Prince,
some for their hatred of Dankwert, some for their disgust of His
Majesties inability to take a 'righteous' stand against those that would
eat away at this realms integrity, some for His Majesties inability to
see to it that those that do extreme amounts of labor for this realm get
recognized or at the very least if to be overlooked don't then award
those that pale in comparison in accomplishments, and finally their are
those that are leaving simply for the fact that they no longer are
having fun...which is supposed to be the reason for all this in the
first place.

Unto their Majesties and the Senate I do offer you this last morsel of
advice, savor it for it will be the last that I shall yield:
Utilize those meager talents around you. "They" will all now rise to the
moment. Fasolt may actually show up, Uller may choose not to act like a
prepubescent ass, Danks may go into remission, Skuld may actually stop
talking about sewing and put forth something...ANYTHING (then again she
could always just purchase something and claim she did it). They will
all be doing this, not for the glory of the realm, which would have been
evident had it occurred prior to the Legion leaving, but to try and outdo
whatever the Legion is now prepared to offer to the subcultureal realm
of fantasy. Use them and others, in their time of desperation, for
their enthusiasm will not last and they will soon return to the their
miserable dispositions that are responsible for much of what is tearing
this realm down. Reach out for new members, such as I did, and rely on
their enthusiasm and lack of knowledge of the evils and sadness of this
kingdom. The household leaders will continue to pick through each others
trash for the many revolving members that this Kingdom has to offer, but
it's the new blood that may prove to be the only shred of proof that
Uberheim has even the slightest chance of surviving.

is now gone. No longer can those of the realm blame us, the very people
that do almost EVERYTHING, for the problems that ill this wretched
place. Ultimately, I have given remedy to your situation. You need to
find what is wrong with the realm, well, by removing what was so right
about this place, makes the answer unbelievably clear.

Do not make foolish attempts to either declare war upon us or aggrivate
a warring situation for as a unified realm we didn't have the maturity
to engage in melee battle, what would make you think we could accomplish
this a two combative enemies. Aside from which their are simply too many
current Uberheim subjects that are not considered worthy enough to
engage on what should be considered a field of honor. This conflict
will never happen. Also do not attempt to engage in any form of a cold
war. I wish to stay out of such communicative slander which you must
clearly realize you would lose...horribly!!!

In closure I will offer one admission of apology: Six years ago, at the
birth of Uberheim, I was offered the right to wear the crown of gold and
be King of the realm, for which I immediately turned down....for
that....I am sorry, very sorry.

I Remain, Loyal to the True Spirit,


"Your Soul will have no rainbow, hath your eye never a tear"