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The Saint Nicholas Festival of Lights Masquerade Ball at Freehold Presbyterian Church

Price 15 dollars
(Covers renting of hall
All food, music stuff, some beer, wassail etc)

Nov 10

Please arrive between Noon and one to get accommodations for the night settled
Opening Court is at

1:30pm (prompt) There will be three tournaments

2pm- 5pm During tourneys there will be open dance lessons in the Academy

(2-5pm) held by Lady Jastin Tournament of Light
Heavy boffer (Cronallis rules, Stabbing allowed with proper weapon tips) (2pm)

Cronallis melee (3pm)
And a fencing touney at 4pm

Dinner will be served promptly at (6pm)
(Any allergies, health concerns or preferences must be emailed to myself.)
Masquerade will begin a (8:00pm till ?)

Masquerade is considered dress as High Court. This is the practice run of a much larger event for next year. Must have own mask. This is a wet site with caution. It is at a church mind you.

Accommodations may be made at
Oak grove motel (518) 399-5284
(Directions will be given at site)
(Very Small motel) reservation must be made very promptly

Single holds two people = one bed   29.99 Double holds four people = two beds 45.99 (They only have four double rooms)
There are other hotels I will send a list upon request. But they are much much farther away (at least 20-30 mins away.)
If you are coming please respond at my e-mail as soon as humanly possible And let you King know.

If you cannot acquire accommodations we will gladly accept people at The Duchess Jastins house to stay (Space limited). Directions will be e-mailed out soon to the church All other directions will be available there. If any and all wish to come early on Friday get two nights at hotel or feel free to stay with Jastin we will be having a lurk to a local pub. ( IF YOU COME EARLY or have any questions

E-MAIL ME AT and I will send you directions to our house. And answers to your questions.

Captain Michael Hunter
 Sheriff of Cronallis