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WACHT AM RHEIN: September 7-8-9, 2001


WACHT AM RHEIN 2001 is this coming weekend! There have been some last minute changes made so read carefully. 

Members of the Cronallis contingent of Uberheim will be attending "Wacht Am Rhein"!. Archduke Artemus is expected to be present as well. The Cronallisites will be joining us at Mugs Tavern for the pre-event revelry!. 

KING SIEGFRIEDS BIRTHDAY UBERLURK AT MUGS!!!!!! FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 7th 2001- 9pm till 2am King Siegfried's Birthday and Revelry at Mugs Tavern. From 9pm till 11:30pm King Siegfried & Hagens band; "ZARATHUSTRA" will be playing live at Mugs!. Immediately following that Mime will be running Karaoke & DJ for the rest of the night. Garb will be optional and there will likely be a small cover charge of probably $3. 

SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8th 2001- This event will take place at ANTWERP (The picnic area adjacent to the Timberpoint Country Club). 

DIRECTIONS: Take Sunrise highway to East Islip and get off on Connetquot avenue SOUTH. Continue SOUTH on Connetquot pass the RR tracks, cross over Union Blvd, cross over 27A Main street continuing to go straight. Once you cross over Main street the name of Connetquot avenue changes to Great River road. Go all the way down until the end, you will see the entrance to Timber Point Country club.... Do NOT enter there, instead look to your LEFT you will see an open gate and a picnic area, drive in there until you see a small beach, we will be there. Now this event will be unique in many ways, so please pay attention. 

You NEED a Boat or can come aboard someone else's (if you're participating in the Viking raid)!!!!  I need any members of the Kingdom to get their hands on a small watercraft EX: Dinghies, Dories, Canoes, Rafts, Inflatable, or any other small craft. If you CANNOT buy, borrow, or obtain use of any watercraft do not fear....You will take part in manning the shore garrison of Germania to defend against the Viking Raiders. If you have a boat or wish to be on someone elses boat fighting for the Vikings then you must e-mail Hagen at:

Light garb is suggested for this event, Tabards would work best. If you are thinking of participating, prepare to get wet, prepare to get dirty!. 


10:30am- ATTENTION VIKINGS- If you intend on fighting as a Viking Raider (If you have a boat or plan on fighting from a boat), then you MUST meet at Antwerp at 11am and then you will be directed to the launching location by Hagen. 

12noon- UBERHEIM MEETS AT ANTWERP: Those members whom do not have a boat but want to fight as a "Rhinelander" or simply just wish to watch should go directly to Antwerp at noon. The beach will also be inspected for obstacles. The landing boundaries will be marked as well. 

12:15pm OPENING COURT- The activities of the day are announced by King Siegfried. Questions regarding the rules of the battles will be answered at that time. Teams will be chosen by way of random draw. 

12:30pm VIKING SEA RAID- The battle will begin to the sound of the Viking horns sounding. The object will be to eliminate the opposition!. 3 of such battles will be waged each for a war point. The "Rhinelanders" will be the Germanic tribes onshore on the banks of the Rhine defending against the "Viking Raiders" attacking from the sea. The attack will commence in 2 waves, which means after the first Viking attack, the Rhinelanders whom are dead shall remain dead for the duration of the battle. The Vikings however once wiped out, can resurrect once and reattack as a second wave by regrouping at the "Rhinegold". RULES: Any will be permitted to use any Uberheim approved weapon or Shield of choice. Standard Uberheim combat rules are in effect for the fighting. You CANNOT grab the watercraft or your opponents but you can knock Vikings into the water with your weapons. There will be one War point awarded for each victory. Rhinelanders cannot enter the water , Vikings CAN disembark their boats and fight from the water. Rhinelanders must lay dead, vikings whom are killed while in a boat must cross their arms. 

ALTERNATIVES: If there are not enough boats present for a viable attack (minimum of 5 are needed), what boats are there will be used for a series of "water tourneys". In which the best "Viking" of the day will advance to Valhalla. 

1:30pm- PURSUIT & SLAUGHTER- (If the Vikings lose) The Vikings will surrender half their watercraft for the Rhinelanders to use. The sea battle will then ensue as the boats meet in the shallow water off the coast of Antwerp. Again, all Uberheim combat rules apply, the object is to destroy the opposing fleet by killing the enemy. This battle is worth 2 war points. 

2pm- THE NORSEMEN COMETH!- (If the Rhinelanders lose) The Rhinelanders garrison will meet the Vikings on the grassy field to attempt to prevent their advance to the village. Basically 3 field battles no resurrection for War points. Each battle is 1 war point. Catapults may be used in this battle. A hit from a catapult is instant death. 

2:45pm CHIEFTAINS CHOSEN: The Rhinelanders & Vikings will elect 5 of their team for the 5 challenges below. 3:00pm- "ADVANCE TO VALHALLA"- The chosen of the Rhinelander armies & the Viking raiders are chosen by Odin and they are felled in battle and are lead in by the Valkyries and are restored life in order to meet several challenges for the final 5 War points and to be first to reach Valhalla!.. 

1) "Valkarye Express" There will be Spear tourney in which there will be 3 bouts. 1 War point for total tourney. The Valkaryes will marshal this tourney. 

2) "The call to Odin" the invocative capacities of the 2 leaders will be tested by way of Drinkhorn. The High Priest of Odin will issue the horns. He whom can blow into the horn and sustain for the longest shall win. This shall be timed. He whom can sound the longest & clearest shall have Odins ear & blessings. Odin's high priest; Marlineus will judge this 1 point challenge. 

3) The "Rope of Runes" the Norns brings a rope for the challengers to take their own destinys into their own hands. This will be accomplished by way of strength (tug-of-war). He who is strongest will be favored by the Norns to advance with 1 point. 

4) "Ascent to Bifrost" the tribal leaders wrestle in Norse style to attempt to throw their opponent off of the "rainbow bridge". Heimdall shall marshall this single elimination 1 point wrestling bout. 

5) "At the Gates" the tribal leaders are given a chalice of Bragis special mead by an Asgardian Goddess. When each leader sips the mead he will be issued a pen and paper and 3 minutes to write a poetic verse for the glory of (to be announced at that time). The Asgardians will decide whom they favor with 1 point as per the best inspiring Skaldic verse!. The Valkaryes will escort the Victor to meet with the all-father Odin!. The all father will bless the Warrior and invite him into his Hall to feast as a Hero. 

3:45pm- SIEGFRIED CLAMBAKE & BAR-B-Q- The spoils of war go to the victors!. Either the Rhinelanders or the Vikings will be able to enjoy a few dozen Clams that will be boiled & steamed on the shores of Antwerp! courtesy of his Majesty..This is a bring your own (BYO) Bar-b-q and food/beverage event. For the losers....... The Kings' Squires will be assigned to whip up "Shemhamforash" Stew. Each of the members of the losing team must partake of a small bowl of this brew to celebrate the vanquished... consisting of Chicken hearts (how suiting) & chicken fingers, as well as other forms of heinousness. 

4pm ENTERTAINMENT- Volunteers are requested to entertain the populace as they feast. Dancing, storytelling, singing, demonstrations, drum circle, etc. 

4:30pm- VALKYRIE JEOPARDY- The Valkyres will be conducting an Uberheim-Historical game based upon our Kingdoms Glorious past for all to participate. This game will include recent history as well to test the skills of our newer members. 

5:30pm- CLOSING COURT- The champions of the day will be announced, Kingdom news, Household business, etc. 

6pm- CLEANUP & BREAKDOWN- Pack up and prepare to outlurk to the night site. 

6:30pm- OUTLURK TO LADY VAR's- To nightsite at Lady Var's private site in Holbrook. There will be Camping (No site fees!). The only thing she asks is that all have a good time, the site is kept clean, and quiet hour is 11:30pm as it will be her parents house.. 

DIRECTIONS TO LADY VAR's- From Sunrise Highway to exit 51 which is Nichols road. Head NORTH on Nichols road to the first traffic light which is the Greenbelt Parkway. Make a RIGHT on the Greenbelt Pkwy to the first stop sign which will be Foil Lane. Make a RIGHT onto Foil lane and go to the end. You will see Nimbus, make a RIGHT onto Nimbus, it will be the first house on the right. Address is: 68 Nimbus, Holbrook 

If you need further help with directions e-mail:

~One King,One Ring!~ § With the grace of Das Rheingold § King Sir Siegƒrieš Sigvålšsen, of The Glorious Kingdom of Uberheim