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Uberheim's Annual Yule Celebration

Saturday, December 15, 2001

Location: Frigga's Palace (Directions Below) 
There will be a $12 site fee to cover the cost of a Port-A-Castle and the Feast

Day Activities:

(I would like some Yule oriented A&S, if anyone is interested in
teaching a class along these lines, please contact me ASAP) 
12:00 - 1/2 hour warm up bearpit tourney 
12:45 - Kings Champion Tourney- A Noble fight for the prestigeous title of Kings Champion in roundrobin format.
2:00 - Knock Down, Drag Out "Gift" Tourney (1/2 hour). Fight for possession of the "gift". 
2:45 - Yggdrasil Toss (2 or 3 tosses each) (1 hr). As you may or may not know, the Christians stole Yggdrasil and made it into the Christmas tree. Guess what we'll be tossing?
4:00 - Clean up, change for feast, bring your best garb  

Evening Activities:
5:00 - Gift Exchanges/$5 minimum Grab Bag (optional).
6:30 - Feast (Feastocrat has requested that anyone interested in the feast please reserve in advance as seating is limited.  Payment is requested at the time of reservation. For a detailed menu, please e-mail

Night Activities:
8:30 - Great Court- (Awards) 
11:00- Afterlurk & Revel!, Bring your own Grail.  Remember if you drink, you WILL be staying overnight unless you have a
designated driver.
There will be crash space available.
SUNDAY MORNING- Breakfast in the morning is $3/person 

Directions: Sunrise to the Little East Neck Road/Belmont exit. Get on the service
road between the bank and the diner. Turn right at the stop sign, go to
the light and turn right. At this point you will be going south (this is
Belmont Ave.) Keep going south until you come to the intersection of
East Neck Road and 109. There will be a Hess station in front of you at
the fork. Bear to the right on the fork keeping the Hess station on your
left. This will put you on Great East Neck Road. Continue south under
the train trestle. You will see a CVS and a Greek church. Turn right
after the church, that's Nill. Follow that down, the house number is 110
and is on the left. Park wherever you can. There is a side street in
front of the house so there should be no problems.
      ~One King,One Ring!~§ With the grace of Das Rheingold §
King Sir Siegƒrieš Sigvålšsen, of The Glorious Kingdom ofUberheim