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The 2001 Yuletide Celebration of the Kingdom of Uberheim

Cyberheim Pictures of the Event

December 15, at Fensalir

Image courtesy Cyberheim

Lady Frigga, postulant of Asgard, opened her hall Fensalir to the Kingdom of Uberheim for the annual Yule Celebration.  Lady Frigga and her assistants took great care in ensuring the comfort and delight of the guests by providing beautiful decor, great food, and charming hospitality.

This author was not present for the day event, but I am told great martial feats took place.  Those who walked away with the highest honors in the Kingdom Champion tourney were the Druid Nephastos in third place, the giant, Squire Grokk in second place, and in first place, the new King's Champion, Uller of Asgard.

The feast was truly the merriest part of the event.  My lord Nidhogg and I arrived at around 8:00.  The members of Uberheim gathered around a festive table lit by the warm glow of dozens of candles.  This Yule feast was made even more poignant by those who were missing from the table.  Some of our beloved brethren could not be with us, such as Sir Rudiger, who has joined the US Army, and Berserker, who is even now feasting in Valhalla.  There were other faces missing too, those who, through the efforts of our former Prince, shall never enter the mead hall that Siegfried built again.  In spite of these losses, or perhaps because of them, we that did gather that night were even more merry, cognizant of the swift and mercurial nature of fate, and thankful for our blessings.

The prodigals Vermithrax and Reginleif were welcomed back into the fold with open arms, and they offered a song "The Twelve Days of UberYule" in celebration of their return.  Brokk, in between cooking and serving the immense feast, presented their majesties with a pair of stunning and regal red and black robes trimmed in ermine.  Our fair hostess, Lady Frigga, presented their majesties with handcrafted feast gear.  Soon, Grand Duke Sir Hagen and Grand Duchess Mistress Skuld arrived, and the party began in earnest.

The company was treated to a veritable cornucopia of delectitious delights.  The first remove was potato soup in a bread bowl.  The second was a tossed salad, accompanied by bread and honey butter.  The third was baked ziti dripping with cheese.  The fourth was carved baked ham and turkey with green beans a l'almondine.  The dinner was prepared and served with elegant efficiency by Lady Frigga, Brokk, Lady Freyja, Squire Grokk, Alberich, Lady Urda, and Fasolt.  Thanks to their tireless efforts, we were all feeling well-fed and joyous by the end of the fourth remove.

Grand Court began shortly before midnight.  King Siegfried and Queen Rossweise offered greetings and expressed thanks to all those who had attended the festivities.  Then, several preliminary announcements were made.   Squire Bones gave a moving speech about the meaning of the Spirit of Uberheim. The Order of the Stone, represented by Goddess Mistress Syn, reaffirmed their eternal loyalty to King Siegfried.   Likewise, Sir Fafnir brought forth all the Jotins and formally announced Jotunheim as a subrealm, also swearing their fealty to Siegfried.  Fafnir also announced that Uberheim would be doing a demo at a local theatre this weekend in honor of the opening of The Lord of the Rings. King Siegfried then called forth the Druid and Caligula, and presented them with red and black tabards and black belts, welcoming them into his Household.  In addition, Vermithrax and Reginleif also formally apologized for their temporary defection, and swore their loyalty.

The Awards of  Honor were presented next.  Among the receipients were: Saga, Nidhogg, Voltrude, Bones, Uller, Var and Heimdall (not present).

Then, the Order of the Polished Ring inducted two new masters into their ranks.  This prestigious award is given to members of the Kingdom who show continual and loyal service over a prolonged period of time.  The newest inductees were Saga (Me!) and Fasolt.  We were greeted by our fellow master and mistress, Rossweisse, Fafnir, Hagen, Skuld, Alberich, and Syn.

Following all of the joyous announcements, King Siegfried began a lengthy oration which addressed the issue which we had been skirting all night.  He spoke at length upon the recent schism in the kingdom and the loss of many members.  He brought forth Hagen, and crowned him as Prince of the Realm, in a move anticipated by many.  However, Siegfried didn't stop there, and to the utter shock of all, announced he was abdicating his throne, favor of Prince Hagen.  Prince Regent Hagen is now the ruler of Uberheim, and Siegfried shall henceforth be known as Count Siegfried.  Her Majesty Rossweisse shall remain Queen, and Skuld shall bear the title of Princess.  Read the full text of the announcement here.

Following this speech, the populace erupted.  Some cried that it should not be so, others sat in stunned silence.   The court came to an end as an after thought, as the members of the kingdom sought to understand this incredible and unbelievable change. 

Prince Hagen has vowed to lead us, thought he feels the weight of the crown heavy upon his brow.  We will persevere, and grow, in the tough times ahead of us.