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Siegfried's Abdication Speech

December 15, at Fensalir

Today is a monumental day I can assure everyone, that has never been seen before in the history of the realm.  As we all know; [the man] once known to us as Thor, did now get his way and in an adolescent fit of rage, bitterly left the kingdom and forced or swayed a contingent to follow him down a path of inane reasoning and half truths.  [Thor] , without shame has severed a gaping wound in a once festive family, forcing people who were long time friends to become bitter enemies, and threatening all those who stand on this side of the line in inappropriate, and vicious ways.  I, in all my earnest pondering, cannot fathom the hatred that this man has welled up for myself and any and everyone who dare to not join in his maniacal facade of self-righteousness.  This man, also promises and savors the concept of ruining this joyous season for all who stand here today.  He mentions this with rancor and glee, as this was his plan and venomous scheme held inside his jealous heart every time he entered the royal court or looked into your eyes and shook your hands, with the demise of the kingdom in his heart.  I gladly deny this hollow man and his sheepish miscreants said opportunity, what I do now I do with the endurance of Uberheim in my ultimate view, and with the glee in denying one once know as "Thor" the very thing he had enviously plotted for in secret chambers and empty vows.  One year ago, the populace of this good kingdom had warmed me about this plot and I did not pay heed, for that I am sorry, very sorry.

Hagan, you have, without the selfish lust of personal gain, toiled arduously and honorable to seek that this realm has both prospered and sustained as fair and just.  In the eyes of the populace, and in my eyes, you are the true crown regent of Uberheim.  As I tear this without reservation, from the brow of a miscreant blond haired charlatan known once as “Thor”, I do so crown the one and true regent.   Hagen, Champion of the Spirit, Defender of the Realm, and Crown Prince of Uberheim, rise and be recognized!

And before I allow you, Prince Hagen to leave the court, I offer these words to you and the populace.

Upon denying “Thor” what he desired the most, we must also realize his powerful efforts to destroy what we now have, and to attack the kingdom through me, meaning, he will use the fact that I am in the position that I am in currently to tear down what we all have worked for.   I deny him this as well.  I deny him anything that gives a breathe of credence to his treacherous excuses and underhanded ways.  With long thought and within my wisest judgments, what I do now, I do for the everlasting glory of the kingdom of Uberheim.  I hereby abdicate my position of King of Uberheim, and six year monarchial ruler of this realm.  I will not allow my station to be used as a grandstand of propaganda for a fledgling band of brigands and traitors to shutter out the light and the fellowship which we hold dear.  What I do now, I do for all of you without reservation or regret.  As I remove this crown and place it in the keeping of Prince Hagen, I will be away on a quest.  I will be a court Count, and shadow in the darkness, a rousing nightmare to those whom will threaten the realm.  This crown is way too heavy to bear, for the quest that now lies before me, and in the weight of the crown is the weight of the realm, and I will under no circumstances have that weighed by those unworthy.  I hereby declare Prince Hagen the guardian of the crown, and monarchial ruler of the Kingdom of Uberheim.  All decisions made here forth will be of Hagen’s word, as there is no higher in this fellowship.  As all of you whom have once honored my position, I as that you honor Hagen with the respect and faith as you had once invested in me.  I ask the populace to recognize, accept, and salute the new monarchial ruler of the glorious kingdom of Uberheim.

I ask prince Hagen to speak on behalf of his very weighty position and responsibility to the kingdom with he now holds!

Hagen, You have the Court.