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Brokk's Return to Utgaard

January 26, 2002

Cyberheim Pictures of the Event

A very enjoyable event!  The atmosphere was relaxed, for the guests at least, if not the autocrat!  Things did not go quite as scheduled, but this was not a big problem.

Ranking Tourney 

Won by Cu'Chulainn, 2nd place Earle Forge , Third Place Zanthia

Barbarian Ragnarok 

Won by Sir Fasolt

Lord of the Feast Tournament (set of three elimination) 

Won by Jotun Grokk

A&S Demonstration Exhibition Class with Saga Norse History 


The Ascension Ceremony of Verthandi, Norn of the Present

Image courtesy Cyberheim

An Ascension Ceremony performed as a ritual play by Saga Urd, Skuld, Bragi and Verthandi.  It was held outside beneath a tree, before an altar on which rested a piece of the original Kingdom Yggdrasil.  Verthandi, formerly known as Priestess Urda,  was welcomed as the ascended Norn of the Present by her sisters.  

Reginleif & Marlineus' Handfasting

 Image courtesy Cyberheim

An elegant ceremony in the Norse Wiccan style.  The celebrants were Saga, Bragi and Odin.  The bride was stunning in green and gold velvet, and the groom openly cried in joy throughout the ceremony.  The bridesmaids were Lady Freyja and HRM Queen Rossweisse.  We all got a laugh when first Lady Freyja, and then Saga dumped liquid down their fronts whilst trying to drink during the ritual sumbul!

Feast (maple soup, roasted chicken w/squash & more!) 

Delicious and well-served.  At the Diegralsritter Table, broccoli and squash became bargaining pieces, and everyone treated me like the official taster.  If I liked it, they ate!  Loved the maple soup!

Asgard Court

cancelled/postponed to Valentinstag

Closing Court and then on to the revelry!

Presentation of the day's winners, may vivat's for Verthandi and the Bride and Groom, a rant (Alberich) or two (Gods v. Giants), and much silliness!   


Take LIE to exit 59 Ocean Ave South (which becomes Lakeland), or Vets or Sunrise to Lakeland Ave South towards Sayville

Once on Lakeland, south of Sunrise Hwy, go through 2 lights, and then over the railroad tracks.  Lakeland is now Railroad Ave.  

Continue South on Railroad and make a left just before the next light (Main Street/Montalk Hwy) into the Carvel shopping center.  

Park on the Southeast side of the lot, near the "Church" (which is actually a Masonic Lodge).  The Republican Hall is across the street. (white building with columns)