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It's Time to START THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Midgaard Madness: Saturday March 9th

Where and When: 11am,  Islip Grange ...same place as fighter practice. See below for directions.

11AM Fighter Qualifications
12PM Ranking will be at 12, you want to get points, best be on time.

Other Tourneys include:
3 man- Melee Bannerette RAGNAROK...that's right.
Get two buddies and fight alongside them as other teams of 3 destroy each other...who will be standing at the end...who will be first to fall? Will Uller fight with that Odie doll in his belt?

Jewish Spear fighting.
Remember, you MUST BE QUALIFIED IN SPEAR TO PARTICIPATE. Get ready to laugh, but don't laugh to hard or you may be unsmithied!!!!

Sack and Pillage Battle:
Requires 2 swords, a blanket, and a sack!
Each fighter places a blanket, piece of fabric, or other item to mark an area around the listfield. They place one sword on that marker. Each fighter then selects another fighter to battle.   The winner of that confrontation receives their opponent's weapon. They must next choose an opponent that they HAVE NOT FACED until they return to the top of the list
...okay, so pillage means to steal and you're stealing swords...but where does the sack come in???
You'll have a sack wrapped around your legs to add some interest. Those fighters who show up with a burlap sack or other type of sack/bag that can be affixed to the midsection and dramatically hinder leg movement will receive two free deaths!!!

I am also looking to have melee practice, so I left some time available.

Dinner will be at Crystal Gardens.

We could use a night site, if your home is available or you have any recommendations, please email Danx at      

There are some night time events tentatively scheduled depending on the night site.

See you then

The Islip Grange is on Broadway Avenue in Sayville 

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