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Date: Saturday, March 23, 2002

Where: Day: Vigard (Lakeland Park)

              Night: Odinís Palace Valhalla

Morgendammerung was held on a very cold day well suited to its name, for it is clear that the Giants were much more comfortable than the Gods!  A few hardy souls braved the bitter winds, including: Prince Sir Hagen, Queen Rossweisse, Odin, Verthandi, Lady Valtrude, Lady Siegrun, Uller, Lady Sarena, Alberich, Bones, Frey, Brunnhilde, Owen, Assasina, Fasolt, Lady Ericka, Grok, Brokk, Marlineus, Lady Reginleif, Lady Freyja and This Author.

The Viscount of Antwerp Tourney was held, and was won by the Champion of Lady Sarena.  She shall hold the title Viscountess of Antwerp for the next year... The Norns and Valkyries held a meeting and planned their upcoming event "Choose Your Own Adventure"... Fafnir took portraits and other pictures to post on his forthcoming site...  Saga's class was postponed due to logistical problems and poor weather...

That evening, an even fewer number of hardy souls attended Great Court at Valhalla.  The Queen and her assistants had set up an impressive display of torches and banners for the ceremony.  In his address, Prince Sir Hagen bid us welcome and praised the fine Norse weather we were experiencing.  He reminded us that the fighting season was upon us.  He also spoke of the upcoming ICON campaign.  The Prince then asked the Kingdom to remember Atlas of Haus Verrat, who was tragically killed in a car accident recently.  

Prior to the Awards ceremony, a few items of business were announced.  Brokk of Jotunhiem asked Fafnir to become the new Seneschal of Jotunhiem.  Alberich, apprentice weaponsmith, presented a great sword of his own fashioning to Queen Rosseweisse.  Count Master Master Sir Siegfried announced that the Uberroom was open after Court.  Finally, Sarena was crowned Viscountess of Antwerp.

Awards of Honor were presented to:

Queen Rossweisse, Goddess Mistress Syn, Count Master Fafnir, Master Odin, Goddess Mistress Saga, Uller, Verthandi, Master Alberich, Marlineus, Lady Reginleif, Lady Valtrude, Bones, Grok, Assasina (respectfully declined), Brokk, and Viscountess Sarena. 


The Volsungs Combatant was presented to Grok.

A Volsungs in Order of the Polished Ring were presented to Uller, Verthandi, Bones, and Grok.


Saga was made a Master in the Order of the Thornless Rose.  Prince Sir Hagen presented me with his own Master's baldric as a legacy.  He in turn received one of the purple baldrics I had made.

The Queen had a final order of business.  She stripped her champion of his title and presented Uller as the new Queen's Champion.

Prince Sir Hagen then closed Court.