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Date: Feb 2, 2002

Time: 12 pm

Location: Lady Eir's Palace 

Present: (most titles omitted for simplicity.. hope I didn't miss you)

Prince Sir Hagen, Queen Rossweisse, Eir, Syn, Saga, Alberich, Verthandi, Odin, Sir Fasolt, Grokk, Brokk and his Lady, Sir Siegfried, Uller and his Lady, Lady Freyja, Dankwert, Justice, [Deanna], [Jen], Zanthia, Cu'Chulainn, Erik, Lexip,  John Johnson and the Druid.  

What a lovely event!  It was completely relaxed and light-hearted.  Lady Eir and Syn provided a warm and cozy atmosphere.  They managed to combine the themes of romantic and sexual love with tasteful and inviting aesthetics.  Candy conversation hearts sat next to a huge phallus made out of cupcakes.  Cloven fruit were passed around.  Much silliness and fun abounded, and we all had a wonderful time. Furthermore, it went PERFECTLY on schedule! Vivat, Vivat, Vivat for Eir and Syn!

Uller and Prince Sir Hagen scored a hat trick by coming in first and second in all three of the day's tourneys.  

1PM: Ranking Tourney 

1. Uller, 2. Prince Sir Hagen, 3. Alberich 

2PM: The King and Queen of Love and Beauty Tourney

1. Uller, 2. Prince Sir Hagen, 3. Druid

3:30PM: Alberich's Tourney: Bear Pit, Wounds-Retained 

1. Uller, 2. Prince Sir Hagen, 3. Sir Fasolt

Handfasting of Sir Fasolt and Lady Freyja

The couple were resplendent in their wedding finery.  We wish them much love and great happiness in the years to come. ( I unfortunately missed the ceremony.  If someone would provide details, I would be most appreciative!)


Verthandi set up her sewing machine, and she and I worked on various projects including machine embroidery of the Asgard favors, tabards for House Diegralsritter, and repairing the Allfather's baldric.


The potluck was a great success. My sister Syn was quite concerned that no one would bring a main course.  Quite the contrary occurred!  We had a virtual smorgasbord of pastas, ham, clams, and soup.  Everyone was happy and well-fed.  Special thanks to Alberich for helping organize and serve the food, and for making a perfectly scrumptious cake, decorated of course, with phalluses!

8PM: Syn Appreciation

This bawdy bardic circle was great fun.  Cu'Chulainn horrified even the imperviously perverted Allfather with his rendition of The Gerbil Song.  I sang my old favorite Johnny Be Fine.  Syn began the ubiquitous Lay Me Down, Roll Me Over, Do it Again, and Lady Eir and I chimed in with impromptu harmonizing, creating the delightful dichotomy of filthy words sung by an angels' chorus.  This, of course, required the men to respond with their filk Lay Me Down, Roll Me Over, Kick My Ass.  It was particularly moving when Queen Rossweisse had a loud and unplanned solo on verse 6.... no further comment!

Brokk sang an original version of a traditional Irish song Over the Hills and Far Away.  Zanthia offered up Do Virgins Taste Better than Those Who Are Not?  Then Lexip and Erik played an invention on the traditional Greensleeves for two guitars.  Lady Eir offered this limerick in honor of Syn:

This is my poem for Syn

I'm certainly glad she's kin

Flirtatious and bold

She's hot or she's cold

In either case, you'll never win!

Syn opened up the floor for any type or topic of song, and soon we were all joining in and trying harmonies on a variety of Broadway and classical favorites.

9PM: Closing Court

The Allfather and Asgard held closing court.  Syn thanked all the participants, and praised us for having an Oggle Free Event.  She then congratulated the day's winners.  She crowned Uller and his Lady as the King and Queen of Love and Beauty, and gave gold coins to Cu'Chulainn and Brokk for their songs. Also, on a mundane note, she announced that Sir Rudiger is graduating from Basic next week.  (Congrats!)  In addition, she asked that people please donate to Lady Abigail's Walk for Heart campaign

Next, Odin appointed two champions.  The first, Uller, as his personal champion, and the second, Grokk, as the Paladin of Asgard.  Grokk was presented with a golden sword marked with the rainbow insignia of Asgard on the hilt.

Finally, Brokk came forward to announce his quest to the far west to find more Jotins.  His fellow Jotins Grokk and Sir Fasolt came forward, and after some discussion, decided to join him.  Prince Sir Hagen presented Brokk with the jewel from his coronet to light and guide him on his journey.  Then I stood and offered them the blessings of Asgard, and court closed.


Brokk is going off to the army this week, so several members of Uberheim gathered at a local tavern to see him off.  He will be greatly missed, as Princess Skuld already is, having left last week, and of course, Sir Rudiger.