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The Walpurgisnacht Unification Day Court

His Regency Prince Master Master Sir Hagen opened the court, speaking a few heartfelt words about the hardships of the past few months.  He thanked the populace for sticking with the Kingdom, and bid us make ready to renew our vows to the Kingdom and to the Spirit of Uberheim.

The court called Siegfried and Dankwert.  A procession approached with banners, swords and torches.  Dankwert at the fore cried, “Make way for His Eminence, Count Master Master Sir Siegfried!  Part like the Red Sea for his greatness!”  They made their way into court and Sir Siegfried faced Sir Hagen.  Sir Hagen said unto Siegfried. “Greetings. I would not have you swear fealty to me, you are the father of the realm.  You turned the realm over to me, but it is I who would swear fealty to you.

Dankwert announced that  Siegfried wanted to make a presentation.  Siegfried showed the first totem of Uberheim.  He said that while we can no longer be on our lands, that our lands shall always be with us.”  The totem was constructed of a limb of Yggdrasil, the symbol of the Ring with the name written in Runes, and Siegfried’s first knight’s belt, all surmounted by the White Owl

Then Ulfric was brought into court, and as the newest member of the Realm, called upon to bear the totem.

Dankwert then asked permission of Herald Marlineus to share in the duties of heralding.  At Marlineus’ acquiescence,  Dankwert called forth Frey and Brunnhilde.

Then spoke Hagen unto Siegfried:  "As it was in the beginning, and has not been in a while, you are the Father, you are the Founder.  On this day, you shall no longer be called Count, you shall be King.  I swear to you this day, that I will always be by your side."

Siegfried responded: “And I yours.”

Dankwert sang “Glory” in praise of Siegfried.

The overjoyed populace knelt as Siegfried was then crowned and dressed his royal robe.  His sword was brought to him, then his throne.  After he was seated, Dankwert bade the populace  “Vivat at will”.  This we did, and then took up the exuberant chant, “One Ring! One King!” for some time.

King Siegfried then spoke thusly: “I am returned, I am restored and your model of the Kingdom of Uberheim reborn.  I commend Hagen for his humanity, temperance and wisdom.  For with the passing of the crown came an appreciation and awareness of our people.  I have seen the masters pool their resources. We have received many blows, but now, no blow shall be received unanswered.  The Land and I are one, and  the land & you are one as well.”

I, Saga, was called forth.  I bore Rhine Water from Germany.  Queen Rossweisse bore water from our Rhine.  These we mixed into a goblet held by Hagen.  Hagen dipped an evergreen branch in the mingled waters and blessed Siegfried with it, signifying that we had come full circle.

Then the members of the Realm were called forth to swear their fealty unto King Siegfried in the following order:

·         The Queen

The Eternals, who ate of Ambrosia

·         Founders: Frey & Brunnhilde

·         Fafnir

·         Rudiger (by phone)

·         Odin

·         Dankwert would not swear fealty.  He addressed the court, explaining that he does not swear fealty to kings or princes but only to the Dream.  He said he was not always diplomatic, but would continue to do what he thought was best to defend the Dream.

Siegfried remembered that he himself must eat of the Ambrosia as well.  He said, “My mind, thoughts and efforts have always been for the Realm.  And with that in mind, I eat of this ambrosia, and also for an eternal that has fallen, of great heart and great spirit.   A good friend, a good brother, his presence is here in this court.  I speak of Berserker, Mike Dias.  Our task is that he shall always be remembered.  To Berserker.”  As he ate, we chanted 3 Vivats for Berserker.

The Chivalry was next.

·         Sir Fasolt swore upon the mighty sword Balmung

Order of Polished Ring

·         Syn

·         Saga

·         Alberich

Order of the Thornless Rose

(no representatives present who had not previously renewed their vows)

Order Arcanum

·         Marlineus


·         Odin, who then took allegiance from his Priest

·         Uller

·         Rossweisse and her Valkyries

Asgard then returned to Court to receive their Golden Apples of Immortality.  Odin took that opportunity to swear his serive to his Aesir officers, Saga, Syn and Uller.

The Households came next. 

·         Diegralsritter

·         Order of the stone

·         Drakensgrab

·         Isengard

·         Lyonese

Then, any Courtier or peasant who wished to swear fealty at this time was called for.  Ulfric slashed his arm with a dagger and swore his oath with blood.

Thus, with all restored to how it should be, ended the first Restoration Court of Siegfried and Rossweisse

5 Vivats for their Majesties!