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Uberheim's Sixth Birthday and the Joining of Cronallis

June 22-23-24, 2001

O magnificent and triumphant day, on which the Kingdom of Uberheim and the Grand Duchy of Cronallis joined in bonds of fealty and familial honor!  The Kingdom of Uberheim was gifted with the presence of Grand Duke Artimis Valcore, Grand Duchesse Jastin Dagondge,  Angus MacDougall, Forge Helcraxe, Lady Abigail Dawson, Robert Dogondge, Alexander Romanblade, and Michael Hunter.

 Despite a late start, the day’s activities got under way auspiciously upon the field of Southhaven.  Prince Master Sir Thor and Princess Sif as autocrats arranged for an impressive Royal Pavilion and list field, replete with fluttering banners bearing the insignias of the Uberheim Households and those of Cronallis.

 During opening court King Siegfried welcomed all to the celebration of the Kingdom’s Sixth Birthday. 

Other business before the court: Stellerex presented Morgan Le Fey as his Lady and issued Challenge to any who would not give her the honor she deserves as such… Syn took Pixie Jewels as her High Priestess of Debauchery… Sir Hagen and House Diesgralsritter welcomed Giant Fasolt and Lady Katerina into their family… 

Knights, Squires and Men and Women at Arms took the field to test their mettel in several list competitions. In the Bear Pit, the victors were Mime in 3rd place, Sir Hagen in 2nd, and Prince Sir Thor in 1st.  The next competition was the Iron Rose Ladies Tourney. Valkyrie Reginleif, Xanthia, and our Distinguished Guest, Duchess Jastin each fought with skill and honor.  The victor was Her Grace the Duchess.  Finally, brave combatants squared off in Thor’s cunning Wheel of Doom Tourney.  Prince Sir Thor took 3rd place, Sir Hagen was 2nd, and Giant Fasolt was the winner with over 30 kills!

Out of the official arena, His Grace the Duke and his subjects demonstrated their martial skills with their unique flat boffer sword.  The weapon excited much interest among the Uberites because of its lightness and balance, as well as its aesthetically pleasing design

Elsewhere, Bragi gave Tarot readings, and Saga offered a class called “Learn a Period Song”.  Lady Zrean and the Goddess Syn ran Kinderheim activities which included blowing bubbles and the creation of a beautiful finger paint mural.

Throughout, Brok, the Feastocrat, and Grand Duchess Skuld were overseeing the set up of the kitchen and the feast preparation, while simultaneously serving day board.  Their tireless work and that of their volunteers provided Uberheim and Cronallis with a sumptuous and varied feast of Epic Proportions!  Priestess Lady Urda, Lady Lorelei (sic), Pixie Jewels and others ran themselves ragged to ensure the quality of the food and comfort of the guests.  Vivat to the Kitchen Crew for their Superb work!

The feast was wonderful.  Tables were set up in a horseshoe shape, with white cloth laid upon them.  The guests were treated to a meal of 7 removes.  (1) Bread and Honey Butter, (2)Cream of Tomato Soup, (3)Tossed Green Salad,  (4) Barbequed Chicken and Mashed Potatoes, (5)Roast Loin of Pork and Mixed vegetables, (6)Swedish Meat balls and (7)Birthday Cake.   While there was some prolonged delay between courses, it was entirely understandable under the circumstances.  Each course was delicious and cooked to perfection.  No one went hungry or unsatisfied!  The relaxed feasting and merriment lasted well into the evening.  Upon the close of the feast, Uller, God of Archery performed a martial arts dance form called Capoeira that delighted and enthralled his audience.

Closing Court began late and progessed at a sometimes stultifying pace, but was nonetheless quite impressive.  The biannual Awards of Honor and Volsungs ceremony included recognition for autocratting, the ICON recruitment campaign, persona aesthetics, calligraphy, sewing and service.  Among the recipients were the Goddess Syn, Prince Sir Thor, Duchess Skuld, Lady Katerina, Sir Hagen, Sir Rudiger, Princess Sif, Sir Fafnir, Queen Rosseweisse, Odin, Squire Alberich, the Goddess Saga, Vermithrax, Lady Reginleif, Brokk and others (tell me if you’re missing).  Other business before the Court:  The Goddesses Syn and Sif were bestowed the titles of Mistress in the Order of the Brass Ring… Zrean and Syn presented the Kinderheim Mural to the King… Queen Rosseweisse took a new Valkyrie (Lorelei), and Vermithrax presented each Valkyrie with candles…  Brok presented Odin with a gold ring with the Eiwaz Insignia upon it… Odin presented Lady Zrean and renamed her as Lady Frigga. 

After Uberheim business was concluded, His Majesty Siegfried turned the court over to His Grace, Artimis Valcore of Cronallis.  The Duke thanked the King and Kingdom for the gracious welcome he and his people had received from the denizens of Uberheim.  Next, His Grace’s personal herald, Forge, called Michael Hunter into court.  His Grace took Hunter’s oath upon his blade of live steel and welcomed Hunter into House Valcore.

King Siegfried and Grand Duke Artimis then clasped hands and swore honor and alliegance to each other, as Cronallis was proclaimed a Duchy of the Kingdom of Uberheim.  Many pledges were made and there was much rejoicing in the hearts of all who witnessed this glorious moment!

Immediately upon the close of Grand Court, the skies opened and a thunderous deluge poured down upon the unwitting revelers.  Most ran for what cover they could find.  The luckiest were those under the Goddess Saga’s canopy, who were trapped with the King at his giddiest and the utterly scrumptious birthday cake, which they made short work of!   When the rain let up after about 15 minutes, many found to their dismay that their tents were in puddles.  A Sumbel followed, and many Boasts, Proclamations, and Invocations were to be heard from the Sumbel Circle for hours to come!

In the morning, those who remained and braved the storm, as well as those who went home and came back, were treated to a breakfast repast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, muffins, and donuts  prepared by Brokk, Queen Rosseweise, Priestess Lady Urda and Lady Lorelei (sic).  The inevitable packing and clean up was sweetened by the beautiful weather and good company.

As a final sign of our goodwill and alliance, King Siegfried presented Grand Duke Artimis with an Uberheim Kingdom Banner, and the Duke in turn presented King Siegfried with a Cronallis banner.

We look forward to many more such events with our new family!  Vivat Uberheim!  Huzzah Cronallis!