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This article about Uberheim appeared in Newsday on August 13, 2001.  The interview took place during the Uberhein I-CON demonstration in April.

This photo blatantly stolen from Cyberheim

A Fantasy World
By Noah Millrod and Zach Strum
Kidsday Staff Writers, 12, Coram

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away - the kingdom champion attacked the challenger with a mighty hammer?
Well, that's what happens when science fiction and fantasy collide. What also occurs is a lot of angry fans with a dilemma - science fiction or fantasy. Kidsday was introduced recently to the glorious Kingdom of Uberheim, a group of pure-hearted medieval re-
creationists. They have a king, a queen and forms of chivalry. It is what they call a sub-
society or in the words of Lord Dankworth, "We are the world's largest dysfunctional family."
You may have seen them some time or another with a crowd gathered around and the sound of weapons thrashing against each other. You may have referred to them as the guys in crazy outfits waving around foam sticks. But when fantasy fans look at them, they see a crazed flurry of fearsome combat between two strong enemies. All it takes is a little imagination from the gathered fans to see deadly combat. Uberheim gains the title sub-society because it involves not only fighting but also hosting parties, camping, cooking, brewing, embroidering, calligraphy, sewing, storytelling and leather work.
One place to see a demonstration of such a group is at I-Con, the SUNY Stony Brook convention that each spring for 20 years has celebrated science fiction and fantasy. And if you're wondering which is stronger, this year the glorious kingdom of Uberheim staged a fight scene with the Imperial City Garrison, a group of "Star Wars" role players. With an eager crowd of fantasy fans looking on, the Empire City garrison charged forward with one sand trooper, two speeder bike scouts, six storm troopers, one snow trooper, one officer, Boba Fett, Qui Gon Jin, Queen Amidala, Darth Maul and Darth Vader. The ranks of Uberheim included about eight warriors and five or six other nonviolent members. When the dust cleared, the medievalists held their ground. No one took it too seriously, though. The one true thing sci-fi and fantasy have in common is that they are both ways of escaping the problems of life and pretending you are in the past or the future. This is what makes the lives of many devoted fans enjoyable and the lives of the motley crew of Uberheim complete.
The kingdom has events all year long, which you can read about on its Web site, And the crew plans to be back to put on demonstrations at I-Con next spring.
Will they prevail once again? Or will the Empire strike back?