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The Nibelungenlied

The Nibelungenlied is an epic poem written during the High German Middle Ages, circa AD 1200.  It is based upon earlier Norse (Viking/Scandinavian/Germanic) myths and poems of the pagan era.  

The Nibelungenlied tells the story of the hero Siegfried (Sigurd) and his adventures with the gods, giants, dragons, dwarves, valkyries and scheming mortals.  Many of the tales center around a cursed Ring, which eventually causes Siegfried's death.  

The stories were freely adapted by Richard Wagner in the 19th century to create his grand German nationalistic series of operas "The Ring of the Nibelung" 

The History of Uberheim is yet another free adaptation of these tales.  Like the Skalds of old, we have felt free to embroider, adapt, refine and rewrite the tales, based upon all that has come before, and our own new creations.  


The Full Online Text of the 13th Century Nibelungenlied

Glossary of Nibelungenlied Characters (As they appear in the poem)

The Lay of Uberheim  (How we've adapted the tales)

The Ring in the Ubermythos (A history of the ring through all versions of the tale)