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Other Beings

The Norns

Three goddesses who dwell at the base of Ygdrassil. The first is called Urd, "Fated" (Norn of the Past), the second is Verdandi, "Becoming" (Norn of the Present), and the third is Skuld, "Must Be" (Norn of the Future).

The Valkyrie

Battle Maidens who collect slain warriors from the battlefield and deliver them to Asgard for Freya and Odin to choose between.


Giants: the chaotic forces of the Universe.


9 Goddesses that serve Freya and act as prophetesses.

The Midgard Serpent

Jormungand, the Monster child of Loki that encircles the world.


Dragon minion of Hella who gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil. See also Lord Nidhogg


"Dwarves" Great Smiths/Tool Makers. Guardians of naturally occurring metals & resources.

Land Wights

Protective Spirits of The Earth that live among us in Midgard.

House Wights

Spirits that are attached to a particular place or family.


Mischievous Spirits who dwell in Midgard under rocks, in streams and other natural places.


Hidden Folk with tails that travel Midgard unseen in daylight, like Celtic Sidhe.


Beings that accompany those not killed in battle to the realm of the dead.

Hughnin & Muhnin

- Odin's Ravens "Thought" & "Memory" who circle the world & tell Odin what they see.

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