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Goddess Mistress Mistress Saga

Welcome!  I am the Historian and Lore-Keeper to the Kingdom of Uberheim.  I record events and important happenings in the Kingdom, and publish them here on the website.  I have been a member of Uberheim since 1998.  

I have been honored with the following awards from their Majesties in recognition of my various services to the Kingdom:

The King's Order of Excellence
The Queen's Order of Courtesy
Award of Honor, (8x) received for this website, persona aesthetics, various arts and sciences, and autocratting events
Master in the Order of the Polished Ring for excellence in Service to the Kingdom
Master in the Order of the Thornless Rose for excellence in the Arts and Sciences

My persona in the Kingdom of Uberheim is based on the Norse goddess Saga.  She is described in both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda which are two of the definitive medieval sources of Norse myth and legend.  Saga dwells at Sokkvabbekk and drinks from the stream of memory, so she is commonly known as the Goddess of History.

Another immortal associated with history in Norse myth is one of the Norns.  The Norns are three goddesses who know the fate of all humans and Gods and who dwell at the foot of the great world tree Yggdrasil.  From the base of Yggdrasil issues forth the Spring (or Well) of Urd.   Urd means "Fated" or "Past-Knowing" and is the also name of the first Norn.

My persona in Uberheim combines the roles of Saga and Urd, so I am referred to as "The Goddess Saga" but the Norn Urd is one of my Aspects.  In real life, I am a social studies teacher in a local high school, and have a Masters in Medieval Studies from NYU.

As a member of Uberheim, I have been devoted to advancing the arts and sciences.  Here are some of my interests and achievements:

  • In the field of Textiles, I design and sew garb, and also teach others to do the same.  My sister Norn Skuld and I created the Kingdom Banner, which is 6x9' red and black velvet, crenellated, and has the Kingdom Rune appliquéd upon it in gold lamme.   

  • In the field of Skaldic Arts, I sing, play the bodran, and am learning to play the mandolin.  I occasionally compose new songs, and am always ready to join in at a bardic circle.  I am also currently assembling a Kingdom Songbook.  

  • In the field of Runes, I can read and write runes, and have taught classes both in runelore, bindrunes, and the creation of Norse picture stones. 

    In the field of
    Calligraphy, I have designed and created illuminated scrolls in uncial round hand and runes.  

  • And of course, in the field of History and Lore, I maintain this website, teach classes in history and mythology, and write jeopardy-style games for events.  If you meet me, ask me anything!  If I don't know, I'll find you the answer, or someone who does!

I am also considered a Peer because of my induction as Master both in the Order of the Polished Ring (Yule 2001), and in the Order of the Thornless Rose (Morgendammerung 2002).  This gives me the right to the title "Mistress" twice.  In addition, I serve on the Uberheim Senate.

My Ascension to the rank of full Goddess took place on February 26, 1999.  What does this mean?  No, I don't consider myself a "Divine Being"!  In Uberheim, our personas are roles we play.  God, dwarf, elf, human, giant, etc, are all different species of beings.  This has nothing to do with religion.  In practical terms, this means I am equivalent to a High Noble lady in other re-creation realms.  

With all of the above, my full title is: Her Serene Divinity, Goddess Mistress Mistress Saga, Senator of Uberheim (what a mouthful!)

My consort in the Kingdom (and real life) is the Dragon Lord NidhoggHis character is based on the dragon who dwells at the roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil and represents the element of Chaos.

I am a member of House Diegralsritter under Prince Sir Hagen and Princess Mistress Skuld.

This poem was written by my Aesir brother Bragi in honor of my Ascension: 


Sage saga
    sits in Sokkvabekk;
scribe of history,
    seer of fate.
hear her words,
    heed her wisdom.
doomed are they
        who are deaf to history.
many a king
        has come to naught;
many princes
        in pride, have fallen.
they repeated the faults
        of fallen chieftains;
they lost their heads
        to the harsh cycle of