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These are a few songs that I have written with Uberheim/Norse themes.

The Harvest of Ragnarok
Lady of the Grain (Song to Freya)
Have Yourself a Merry UberYule

The Harvest of Ragnarok

LS, 10/98
Cold winds o'er the field blow
While the enemy's fires glow
Black the harvest of Ragnarok
Pain and fear and death grow.

Twas the death of Baldr brought us on to the battle
But in scarcely the time that it takes me to tell
The host of Valhall lay scorched by an army
So ruthless and red, the minions of Hel


Loki and Fenris did the work of Evil
As Heimdall awakened Asgard with Gjall
But treacherous fate versus honor and courage
The invaders men stood, while the gods did fall


Now Thor must face the mighty serpent
While Odin advances against the Wolf
Yet neither returns from this final challenge
And blackeness and fire will the earth engulf


Now Frigga and all are left with their weeping
With only the mem'ry of Father and Son
Yggdrasil shakes and Bifrost shatters
The bitter Twilight of the Gods has begun

Lady of the Grain

LS, 11/98
Oh she will bring the buds in the spring
And dance among the flowers
In summer's heat her kisses are sweet
She laughs in leafy bowers
Oh she will cut the fruits and the grain
When autumn leaves surround her
In winter's cold her bones grow old
She wraps a cloak around her

Lady Freya of the Grain
Goddess of all love
As shines the sun and falls the rain
Comes your bounty from above
You bless us with fertility, wisdom, spells and lore
Your strength and beauty dazzle us
As on falcon wings you soar!


Daughter of the mighty Njord,
The master of the sea
You share with Odin half the slain
And bring them home with thee
The Brisings necklace 'round your throat
You bless each day anew
Nine cats draw your chariot
As you sprinkle morning's dew


Sister to the shining Freyr,
You dwell at Sessrumnir
Eyes of blue and golden hair
We beg you to draw near
Give us wisdom, send us light
Save us from the dark
Protect us all from Ragnarok
To thy children, Lady, hark!


Have Yourself a Merry UberYule

LS, 12/98
Have yourself a merry UberYule
Lift a golden grail
Gather 'round and hear a Spaceage tale
Have yourself a merry UberYule
Lift your sword with might
Catch a job and celebrate all through the night!
Here we are as in olden days
Those Catonic days of yore
Lurkers sturdy and dear to us
Gather near to us
Once more
Through the years we all will be together
If the Norns allow
Pass the Sommbul horn and make a vow
And have yourself a merry UberYule now!

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