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This is text that is read at each Goddess's and God's Ascension.

We of Asgard are eternally different, and yet, eternally the same.
Our powers are unchanging, yet we assume so many forms, that a man could not name them all in a lifetime.
We exist from the countless stars in the sky, in every wave of the sea, in everything above or below the earth; Water and Flame, Soil and Air, all hold us in them.
In the beginning, we created the cosmos out of chaos. Every race and language tells our story in their own ways. When there was nothing we came out of nowhere and separated chaos into innumerable elements. We set the stars on their courses, and placed limits on the seas.
We invented the sun, and lit the lamp of the moon .
At first, there was only the Sky-Father and Earth-Mother. Every race gives them their own names, but as cosmic beings they were always the same. They created the entire family of gods, and when they had built their heavens they had to battle against the forces of evil, which may also have been the children of the Great Parents. They waged such wars throughout every quarter of the world we know.
You all possess all the qualities which we know as gods: courage, lust, love, avarice, despair, nobility, cowardice, and all the rest. You need not wonder why your natures are as tangled as a thorn bush; mingled flowers and thorns. You inherited them from we innumerable gods, who still meddle with your destiny. We live within the heart of a diamond, and in the lightest breeze which touches your cheek.
But most of all we live within the hearts of men. If you seek us, you will find us there. But do not open the doors too wide, for you may release Odin the Wise.
Perhaps you will find it hard to believe in us, if so, then think about the words of one of your own wise men, who said, that if you bet on the gods, and they don't exist, you lose nothing. But if you bet against them, and they do exist, you lose everything.

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