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to the Kingdom of Uberheim

from Crown Prince Hagen

        The Kingdom of Uberheim is located on the eastern banks of the Rhine River near the Castle of Worms, in the area of Burgundy, Germania around AD 418.   In this age, the Vikings roamed the Northern seas.   Paganism still held strong in the regions as Christianity did not yet infect the region.  Magick was alive and well & the Runes portended Mans destinies. 
        In this age the Nordic/Germanic Gods played an integral role in the daily lives of those in the Society. 
        The Teutonic Deities were worshipped & invoked for war, love, fertility, health, vengeance, weather, inspiration, & strength. The Legends of this day told of strange beasts & beings whom existed in the perception of men and woven in tales of bards & lore. In this mystical time grew epic sagas; the mythology of "The Rhinegold" & "The Nibelungs" were told by the fireside; Drinkhorns of mead were passed in sumbel to Honor the Gods, and the Heroic stories of Germanic Warriors warmed the imaginations of children & adults alike. 
        Uberheim is rooted in these myths and exists in an on-going creation of its own lore.
        Uberheim tries to portray the Germanic mythos as if living these very legends. Instead of warring with one another, these various beasts, races, creatures & beings are united under one Ring & one banner to coexist in a challenging harmony. 
        It is a slice of "Valhalla on Earth"

        The Kingdom of Uberheim was born officially in 1996 & based in Suffolk County, Long Island N.Y.

        We are NOT a Role-playing or D&D group
        We are NOT a L.A.R.P. group
        We are NOT true Medieval re-creationists in any shape or form. 

        We ARE an independent & unique steadily growing Germanic/Nordic Medieval subculture which is an event based society with a Wagnerian influence in our aesthetics & pageantry. 
        We are very much a "fighting" Kingdom, utilizing heavy boffer as our chief form of combat, as well as a Realm of many Guilds, Orders, & Activities of all varieties.

        The Kingdom does not discriminate by age, race, sex, creed, color, or backgrounds.
        The only requirement we seek are good souls, strong spirits, & light hearts!