This is a list of the goddesses and gods available on this site.  Names in parentheses are other names which the deity might be known by. 

The list contains deities which appear in the traditional sources for Norse mythology.  According to the Poetic Edda which is the definitive source for the most common stories, compiled circa 1270, there are twelve major gods and twelve major goddesses.  Less is often known of the goddesses than the gods, but it is to be assumed that their worship was much more developed before the conversion of Scandinavia to male-god oriented Christianity wiped out much of the existing material.

Beyond the twenty-four major goddesses and gods are lesser deities about whose worship and myths we know very little.
The god/desses in Uberheim are ROLES only and have NO religious connotation

Each God/dess description will open in its own window.

* Indicates this God/dess role is currently being tried out
** fully ascended God/dess
*** persona retired

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